Anti-bribery and corruption—gift decision tree
Anti-bribery and corruption—gift decision tree

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Anti-bribery and corruption—gift decision tree

This gift decision tree can help you decide whether or not to offer or accept a corporate gift. If in doubt, please contact [insert name].

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Note 1—Secret gifts

Any gifts, given or received, must be dealt with openly, not secretly.

Note 2—Gifts to individuals

We regard any gift given or received in the name of an individual rather than the organisation’s name inappropriate.

Note 3—Cash

Any gift that is in cash, cash equivalent (eg American Express or Visa gift cards) or securities is forbidden.

Note 4—Quid pro quo

Gifts offered or received where there is an expectation that the business relationship will be influenced or in exchange for something in return (quid pro quo) are inappropriate.

Note 5—Timing

Any gift given at a time when you and the other parties are negotiating a contract or are in a related vendor selection process is inappropriate.

Note 6—Govern

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