Acas—settlement where no tribunal claim (COT3)
Acas—settlement where no tribunal claim (COT3)

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  • Acas—settlement where no tribunal claim (COT3)

Acas—settlement where no tribunal claim (COT3)

Acas reference number: [insert number]

[Agreement following conciliation on a claim made by a claimant to Acas (no application made to tribunal at time of agreement) under the early conciliation process]

Prospective ClaimantProspective Respondent

Settlement reached as a result of conciliation action.

The Prospective Claimant and the Prospective Respondent have agreed as follows:

    1. 1

      [For the purposes of this settlement, ‘Group Company’ means [any holding company of ]the Prospective Respondent and any subsidiary of the Prospective Respondent[ or of any such holding company, each] as defined by section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006.]

    1. 2

      Subject to and conditional upon the terms set out in this settlement, the Prospective Respondent will, without any admission of liability, pay to the [Prospective Claimant OR Prospective Claimant’s solicitors, [insert details of Prospective Claimant’s solicitors]] the sum of £[set out details] (less any required deductions for income tax and primary class 1 (employee) national insurance contributions) within [insert number of days, eg seven] days of the date of receipt by the [Prospective Respondent OR Prospective Respondent’s solicitors, [insert details of Prospective Respondent’s solicitors]] of a copy of this form signed by [Prospective Claimant OR Prospective Claimant’s solicitors].

    1. 3

      The payment referred to in Clause 2 is in full and final settlement of all claims, complaints, rights of action or proceedings (if any) whether

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