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UK Corporate Governance—under review

Published on: 15 March 2017
Published by: LexisPSL
  • UK Corporate Governance—under review
  • Original news
  • What is the factual background that led to this review?
  • What are the blind spots of the current Code in the UK?
  • What are the proposed changes to the current code and what are the practical implications?
  • How does this review affect CA 2006?
  • How does this affect the compliance requirements of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive?

Article summary

Corporate analysis: With the government adopting a stern tone on the importance of good behaviour in the corporate world, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has begun a review that will help inform responses to a recent green paper that seeks to address the issue. Stressing an increasing emphasis on transparency and reporting, and the spectre of shareholder concerns over executive pay, Eleanor Davison, of Fountain Court Chambers, presents an overview of what lies in store for companies and their lawyers. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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