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Top ten whistleblowing and retaliation events of 2021

Published on: 12 January 2022
Published by: Law360
  • Top ten whistleblowing and retaliation events of 2021
  • 10. Theranos whistleblower testified at Elizabeth Holmes' jury trial
  • 9. OSHA's whistleblower programme was expanded to cover reports of violations of antitrust and anti-money-laundering laws
  • 8. The Fifth Circuit affirmed dismissal of a SOX whistleblower claim for lack of an employer-employee relationship
  • 7. A New York federal court held that SOX whistleblower protections extend to investors, and that a confidentiality agreement impeded investors from whistleblowing
  • 6. New York vastly expanded its whistleblower statute
  • 5. The Sixth Circuit ruled that FCA whistleblower protections extend to post-employment retaliation
  • 4. An Oregon federal court overturned a US$2.4m jury award on a state whistleblower claim
  • 3. Following a high-profile lawsuit, the SEC is preparing potential revisions to whistleblower programme rules
  • 2. A California federal court dismissed whistleblower claims after trial
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Article summary

Law360, Expert analysis: 2021's most important whistleblower developments will likely reverberate into 2022 and beyond, with key court rulings and legislative advancements poised to expand protections, and a record-breaking amount of awards issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) likely to incentivise more information sharing, say Steven Pearlman and Pinchos Goldberg at Proskauer. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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