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Time to rethink recycling? A review of recent recycling policies

Published on: 18 December 2018
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Time to rethink recycling? A review of recent recycling policies
  • What have been some of the most significant recycling policies introduced by the government over the last few years? For example, the latte levy and the deposit return scheme. Have these had a positive impact on the recycling sector or environment?
  • Did the 25-year environment plan go far enough in addressing recycling? Can we expect any further action?
  • Are there any significant consultations currently underway in relation to recycling, and what do you predict/hope the impact of these to be?
  • What impact might the EU single-plastic ban have for the UK? What will be the future of this policy after Brexit?
  • What are some of the shortfalls in governmental action around recycling? What more could be done?

Article summary

Environment analysis: Anna Willetts, senior associate at Clyde & Co, discusses the significance of recent recycling policies and their impact so far. In particular, Willetts highlights that further action can still be taken by the government, for example by pushing supermarkets and retailers to reduce the significant quantities of often unnecessary packaging used for non-delicate or fragile items. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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