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The first press conference of the Lord Chief Justice

The first press conference of the Lord Chief Justice
Published on: 03 January 2018
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  • The first press conference of the Lord Chief Justice
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  • You set out your two main concerns as increasing the awareness of what judges do and their role in maintaining the rule of law and securing the reforms to bring the justice system up to date. Why is it so important to raise awareness of the work judges do?
  • How are you supporting judges?
  • What are your hopes for the reform programme?
  • Judges are dismayed by the conditions of some court buildings. One crown court judge described how the toilets leaked and dripped into the jury room. What is being done to improve the court estate?
  • Judges are also deeply concerned about the impact the legal aid cuts have had, with defendants facing murder charges trying to defend themselves. What are you doing to press for reform?
  • You said that it is ‘quite remarkable’ that, towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century, many of our courts still operate on paper-based systems. You mentioned pilots dealing with divorce and probate online, the online civil money claims service. Are you concerned that ‘virtual courts’ risk reducing transparency?
  • What will be the next category of offences that will go online, following on from traffic offences?
  • There is criticism that judges have washed their hands of the prisons crisis by sending more and more people to prison? What is the responsibility of judges and would you be against the use of court cells to ease any overcrowding?
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Article summary

Dispute Resolution analysis: In his first press conference since taking over as head of the judiciary, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett of Maldon explains and discusses his concern at the ‘torrent’ of online and physical abuse judges face, as well as the £5m fund he has secured to improve dilapidated court buildings, with journalists. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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