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Scrutinising local authorities’ powers to prosecute (R v AB)

Published on: 30 May 2017
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Scrutinising local authorities’ powers to prosecute (R v AB)
  • Original news
  • What was the background to the appeal, briefly and what issues did this case raise?
  • What were the main legal arguments put forward?
  • What did the Court of Appeal decide, and why?
  • What is the impact of this decision on local authorities’ power to prosecute?
  • What practical lessons can those advising take away from this case?

Article summary

Corporate Crime analysis: After a case of fraud that led to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) paying out millions of pounds for immigration advice that transpired to have been fabricated, scrutiny turned to the limitations of a local authority to prosecute on behalf of the LAA. Richard Heller, barrister at Drystone Chambers, outlines the decision in R v AB and says the judgment provides much clarity on where the law stands. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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