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Piercing the corporate veil

Published on: 15 August 2016
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Piercing the corporate veil
  • Original News
  • What is the factual and procedural background to this appeal?
  • On what basis were confiscation orders made against the respondents?
  • What arguments were advanced for and against extending the pecuniary advantage acquired by the company to the convicted directors?
  • How will this case inform the law in this area going forward?

Article summary

Corporate Crime analysis: Andrew Bird, barrister at 5 St Andrew’s Hill, explores the idea of ‘piercing the corporate veil’ in confiscation proceedings in the appeal of R v Powell and the necessary conditions for rendering the defendants liable for a confiscation order relating to the benefit derived by the company. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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