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Lexis®PSL Employment weekly highlights—29 June 2017

Published on: 29 June 2017
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Lexis®PSL Employment weekly highlights—29 June 2017
  • In this issue:
  • Headlines (News updates & analysis)
  • Equal pay claimants can only use the same claim form when doing the same work as each other
  • ET cannot reconsider judgment 'on its own initiative' after application by party
  • Travel time may be working hours for WTR but payment depends on contract
  • Employers are free to choose, for each seven day period, the weekly rest period
  • Employees transfer in a pre-pack sale by an administrator: confirmed
  • Law firms make up a third of top social mobility employers
  • OTS update on the 'gig' economy
  • More...

Article summary

This week’s edition of Employment highlights includes: (1) an EAT judgment on when multiple claimants can use the same claim form, (2) a decision on when a tribunal can reconsider a judgment 'on its own initiative', (3) an EAT judgment on the relationship between working time and pay, (4) an Advocate General’s Opinion on an employer’s allocation of mandatory weekly rest periods, (5) an ECJ judgment on whether the exception in Article 5 of the Acquired Rights Directive relating to insolvency proceedings applies to the procedure for a 'pre-pack' sale by an administrator, (6) consideration by the Immigration team of the UK’s post-Brexit ‘offer’ for EU citizens already resident in the UK, (7) updates to the case tracker, (8) dates for your diary, and (9) new Q&As. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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