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Freedom of information battles data protection

Freedom of information battles data protection
Published on: 24 September 2015
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Freedom of information battles data protection
  • Original news
  • What issues did this case raise?
  • Was the court's assessment of what amounts to 'sensitive personal data' primarily a fact-sensitive one or are there clear trends emerging in this area?
  • In finding in favour of the order for disclosure, how did the court approach, if at all, the issue of the journalists' reputational rights?
  • Are there any scenarios you can think of in which a public authority would be justified in refusing to disclose information despite contravening a freedom of information request?
  • Is this decision likely to have an impact on the way in which the ICO processes data requests?
  • How does this case fit in with other developments in this area?

Article summary

Public Law analysis: Has the decision in Information Commissioner v Colenso-Dunne raised any concerns around the interaction of freedom of information request with data protection? Jon Baines LLM, chairman of the National Association of Data Protection and Freedom of Information Officers, considers the case. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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