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Emerging technologies and the law—autonomous vehicles

Emerging technologies and the law—autonomous vehicles
Published on: 15 December 2016
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Emerging technologies and the law—autonomous vehicles
  • What are the key legal challenges associated with autonomous vehicles?
  • Has there been any case law in this area (either in the UK or abroad)?
  • What is the most relevant current legal framework? Is the current law capable of coping with autonomous vehicles? If not, what needs to change?
  • How can lawyers best assist their clients when navigating this field?
  • How does this technology fit with current UK government policy? What does the future hold for autonomous vehicles in the UK?

Article summary

Commercial analysis: Autonomous vehicles have been named as one of the top ten emerging technologies of 2016 by the World Economic Forum, and the UK government is strongly supportive of the technology. However, with international conventions requiring vehicles to have a driver in control of a vehicle at all times, the legal framework needs to adapt to embrace this new technology. Stephen Hamilton, partner, and Isabel Teare, associate, at Mills & Reeve, consider the challenges that driverless vehicles bring. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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