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CPR changes—August and October 2020

Published on: 25 November 2020
Published by: LexisNexis
  • CPR changes—August and October 2020
  • When do the changes come into force?
  • CPR 3—costs budgeting and variation
  • CPR 7—Welsh judicial review
  • CPR 30—transfer of enforcement of possession proceedings
  • CPR 32—false statements
  • CPR 34—failure to provide evidence and requests for evidence post Brexit
  • CPR 45.18—Tables 6 and 6A
  • CPR 61—appeals from the Admiralty Court to the Court of Appeal
  • CPR 73—legal adviser unless order provisions
  • More...

Article summary

Dispute Resolution analysis: Various upcoming Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) changes are set out in the Civil Procedure (Amendment No 3) Rules 2020, SI 2020/747 and, save for certain changes in relation to CPR 34 that relate to the UK’s exit from the EU, come into force on 23 August 2020 and on 1 October 2020. The rules amend the following parts of the CPR: CPR 3 (costs budgeting and variation), CPR 7 (Welsh judicial reviews), CPR 33 (false statements), CPR 34 (requests for evidence following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU), CPR 45 and CPR 61 (both minor amendments), CPR 73 (legal adviser unless order provisions), CPR 77 (tainted acquittals), CPR 81 and various consequential amendments (contempt of court), and CPR 30 and CPR 83 (possession proceedings). The SI also sets out transitional provisions in relation to CPR 81 and CPR 83. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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