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Briggs LJ's civil courts structure review—final report published

Published on: 28 July 2016
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Briggs LJ's civil courts structure review—final report published
  • Interim report
  • Final report
  • Creation of an Online Court
  • Case officers
  • Rights and routes of appeal
  • Enforcement
  • Creation of a unified court
  • High Court/County Court thresholds
  • Regional courts
  • More...

Article summary

Dispute Resolution analysis: Lord Justice Briggs published his Final Report on the Civil Courts Structure Review on 27 July 2016. It was commissioned by the Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls in July 2015 and Briggs LJ’s Interim Report was published in January 2016. The final report recommends the creation of an Online Court, intended to be used by litigants mainly without the need for legal representation, but with minimal costs shifting where representation is used, the use of ‘case officers’ to assist judges in dealing with routine boxwork and with certain stages of the process in the Online Court, the use of a single court—the County Court—as the default court for the enforcement of all civil judgments and orders, the removal of financial limits on trust, estates and probate work carried out by the County Court, and the value threshold below which a claim cannot be issued in the High Court to be increased to £250,000 initially, then £500,000, with no distinction for personal injuries claims as at present. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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