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Banning the import of hunting trophies and its effect on the environment

Published on: 09 January 2020
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Banning the import of hunting trophies and its effect on the environment
  • What risks does trophy hunting pose to biodiversity and animal protection?
  • What are the rules for importing hunting trophies? How is it currently regulated?
  • Does CITES do enough to protect the environment and animals? Are there any other UK laws that protect animals from trophy hunting outside of the UK?
  • The government has said that a ban on imports will be tabled. What legal effect would a ban on trophy hunting have? What benefits or problems would it raise?
  • An open letter from scientists recently stated that a ban would not protect animals and could detrimentally effect conservation and habitats. What would be a more effective way of tackling the damage caused by trophy hunting? How would it be implemented?
  • Is wider change needed?

Article summary

Environment analysis: While trophy hunting is illegal in the UK, the import of hunting trophies from other countries is legal within certain restrictions aimed to promote animal welfare and biodiversity. However, conservationists have raised concerns with the effectiveness of current legislation and whether regulation needs to be tightened to ensure compliance and protect the world’s environment. Alice Collinson, solicitor at Advocates for Animals (AfA) considers where the loopholes are and how legislation could be strengthened, with input from Mark Jones, veterinarian and head of policy at AfA’s clients, the Born Free Foundation (BFF). or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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