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AfAA—promoting international arbitration in Africa

Published on: 25 November 2020
Published by: LexisNexis
  • AfAA—promoting international arbitration in Africa
  • What is the AfAA and what is its mission?
  • What was the background to the establishment of the AfAA?
  • What does your role as Secretary General involve?
  • What is your background, and what other initiatives have you undertaken for the promotion of arbitration in Africa?
  • How do you see the future for African arbitrators and for international arbitration on the continent?

Article summary

Arbitration analysis: In response to weak take-up of domestic international arbitration institutions and practice within Africa, the African Arbitration Association (AfAA) has been established and is now looking to embed the sector on the continent. Rukia Baruti, secretary general at the AfAA, explains the goals, methods and demands the Association sees itself responding to. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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