Part I Constitution and Procedure on References


(1)     A Planning Inquiry Commission shall consist of a chairman and not less than two nor more than four other members appointed by the Secretary of State.

(2)     The Secretary of State may—

(a)     pay to the members of any such commission such remuneration and allowances as he may with the consent of the Treasury determine, and

(b)     provide for each such commission such officers or servants, and such accommodation, as appears to him expedient to provide for the purpose of assisting the commission in the discharge of their functions.

(3)     The validity of any proceedings of any such commission shall not be affected by any vacancy among the members of the commission or by any defect in the appointment of any member.

(4)     In relation to any matter affecting both England and Wales—

(a)     the functions of the Secretary of State under sub-paragraph (1) shall be exercised by the Secretaries of State for the time being having general responsibility in planning matters in relation to England and in relation to Wales acting jointly, and

(b)     his functions under sub-paragraph (2) shall be exercised by one of those Secretaries of State authorised by the other to act on behalf of both of them for the purposes of that sub-paragraph.


(1)     Two or more of the matters mentioned in section 101(2) may be referred to the same commission if it appears to the responsible Minister or Ministers that they relate to proposals to carry out development for similar purposes on different sites.

(2)     Where a

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