[SCHEDULE 4C Community Right to Build Orders]

[SCHEDULE 4C Community Right to Build Orders]

[Section 61Q]



(1)     This Schedule makes special provision about a particular type of neighbourhood development order, which is to be known as a “community right to build order”.

(2)     In their application to community right to build orders, the provisions of this Act relating to neighbourhood development orders have effect subject to the provision made by or under this Schedule.

(3)     In its application to community organisations, section 61G (meaning of “neighbourhood area”) has effect subject to the provision made by this Schedule.

Meaning of “community right to build order”


(1)     A neighbourhood development order is a community right to build order if—

(a)     the order is made pursuant to a proposal made by a community organisation,

(b)     the order grants planning permission for specified development in relation to a specified site in the specified neighbourhood area, and

(c)     the specified development does not exceed prescribed limits.

(2)     Regulations under sub-paragraph (1)(c) may prescribe a limit by reference to—

(a)     the area in which the development is to take place,

(b)     the number or type of operations or uses of land constituting the development, or

(c)     any other factor.

(3)     In this paragraph “specified” means specified in the community right to build order.

Meaning of “community organisation”


(1)     For the purposes of this Schedule a “community organisation” is a body corporate—

(a)     which is established for the express purpose of furthering the social, economic and environmental well-being of individuals living, or wanting to live, in a particular area, and

(b)     which meets such

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