[Part IA Wales]


(1)     Every existing plan which relates to any part of Wales shall continue in force on and after 1st April 1996.

(2)     When a unitary development plan has become fully operative for the area of a local planning authority in Wales—

(a)     any existing plan which is for the time being in force; and

(b)     any interim plan,

shall cease to have effect in respect of its plan area to the extent that it is comprised in the area of that local planning authority.

(3)     Any existing plan or interim plan shall, while it continues in force in respect of the area, or part of the area, of any local planning authority in Wales, be treated for the purposes of—

(a)     this Act,

(b)     any other enactment relating to town and country planning,

(c)     the Land Compensation Act 1961, and

(d)     the Highways Act 1980,

as being, or as being comprised in, the development plan in respect of that area or, as the case may be, that part of that area.

(4)     Sub-paragraphs (1) to (3) have effect subject to the provisions of this Part of this Schedule and the 1994 Act transitional provisions.

(5)     In this paragraph—

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