[SCHEDULE 1A Distribution of Local Planning Authority Functions: Wales]

[SCHEDULE 1A Distribution of Local Planning Authority Functions: Wales]

Section 1(6)


(1)     Where a local planning authority are not the local highway authority, the Secretary of State may include in a development order such provisions as he thinks fit enabling the local highway authority to impose restrictions on the grant by the local planning authority of planning permission for the following descriptions of development relating to land in the area of the local highway authority—

(a)     the formation, laying out or alteration of any means of access to—

(i)     a road classified under section 12(3) of the Highways Act 1980 or section 27 of the Local Government Act 1966; or

(ii)     a proposed road the route of which has been adopted by resolution of the local highway authority and notified as such to the local planning authority;

(b)     any other operations or use of land which appear to the local highway authority to be likely to—

(i)     result in a material increase in the volume of traffic entering or leaving such a classified or proposed road;

(ii)     prejudice the improvement or construction of such a road; or

(iii)     result in a material change in the character of traffic entering, leaving or using such a road.

(2)     The reference to a local planning authority in sub-paragraph (1) shall not be construed as including a reference to an urban development corporation who are the local planning authority by virtue of an order under section 149 of the Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980, and no

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