Part I Confirmation of Orders


(1)     Before an order under section 257 or 258 is submitted to the Secretary of State for confirmation or confirmed as an unopposed order, the authority by whom the order was made shall give notice in the prescribed form—

(a)     stating the general effect of the order and that it has been made and is about to be submitted for confirmation or to be confirmed as an unopposed order;

(b)     naming a place in the area in which the land to which the order relates is situated where a copy of the order may be inspected free of charge and copies of it may be obtained at a reasonable charge at all reasonable hours; and

(c)     specifying the time (which must not be less than 28 days from the date of the first publication of the notice) within which, and the manner in which, representations or objections with respect to the order may be made.

(2)     Subject to sub-paragraphs (6) and (7), the notice to be given under sub-paragraph (1) shall be given—

(a)     by publication in at least one local newspaper circulating in the area in which the land to which the order relates is situated; and

(b)     by serving a similar notice on—

(i)     every owner, occupier and lessee (except tenants for a month or a period less than a month and statutory tenants within the meaning of the Rent Act 1977) of any of that land;

(ii)     every council, the council of every . . . parish [or community] and the parish

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