[319ZC Sections 319ZA and 319ZB: supplementary]
[319ZC Sections 319ZA and 319ZB: supplementary]

[(1)     Sections 101 and 102 of the 1972 Act have effect subject to sections 319ZA and 319ZB and any regulations made under them.

(2)     Where arrangements are in force under section 101(5) of the 1972 Act for two or more relevant local planning authorities to discharge any of their relevant functions jointly, sections 319ZA and 319ZB apply in relation to those functions as if—

(a)     references to a committee or sub-committee of a relevant local planning authority were references to a joint committee or sub-committee of those authorities;

(b)     references to an officer of a relevant local planning authority were

317 . . .
326 . . .
327 . . .
334 . . .

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