208 Appeals against s 207 notices
208 Appeals against s 207 notices

208  Appeals against s 207 notices

(1)     A person on whom a notice under section 207(1) is served may appeal to the Secretary of State against the notice on any of the following grounds—

(a)     that the provisions of section 206 or, as the case may be, the conditions mentioned in section 207(1)(b) are not applicable or have been complied with;

[(aa)     that in all the circumstances of the case the duty imposed by section 206(1) should be dispensed with in relation to any tree;]

(b)     that the requirements of the notice are unreasonable in respect of the period or the size or species of trees specified in it;

(c)     that the planting of a tree or trees in accordance with the notice is not required in the interests of amenity or would be contrary to the practice of good forestry;

(d)     that the place on which the tree is or trees are required to be planted is

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