[191 Certificate of lawfulness of existing use or development]

[Certificate of lawful use or development]

[191  Certificate of lawfulness of existing use or development]

[(1)     If any person wishes to ascertain whether—

(a)     any existing use of buildings or other land is lawful;

(b)     any operations which have been carried out in, on, over or under land are lawful; or

(c)     any other matter constituting a failure to comply with any condition or limitation subject to which planning permission has been granted is lawful,

he may make an application for the purpose to the local planning authority specifying the land and describing the use, operations or other matter.

(2)     For the purposes of this Act uses and operations are lawful at any time if—

(a)     no enforcement action may then be taken in respect of them (whether because they did not involve development or require planning permission or

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