[173 Contents and effect of notice]

[173  Contents and effect of notice]

[(1)     An enforcement notice shall state—

(a)     the matters which appear to the local planning authority to constitute the breach of planning control; and

(b)     the paragraph of section 171A(1) within which, in the opinion of the authority, the breach falls.

(2)     A notice complies with subsection (1)(a) if it enables any person on whom a copy of it is served to know what those matters are.

(3)     An enforcement notice shall specify the steps which the authority require to be taken, or the activities which the authority require to cease, in order to achieve, wholly or partly, any of the following purposes.

(4)     Those purposes are—

(a)     remedying the breach by making any development comply with the terms (including conditions and limitations) of any planning permission which has been granted in respect of the land, by discontinuing any use of the land or by restoring the land to its condition before the breach took place; or

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