171 General interpretation of Chapter II

171  General interpretation of Chapter II

(1)     Subject to the following provisions of this section, in this Chapter—

“the affected area”, in relation to an agricultural unit, means so much of that unit as, on the date of service, consists of land falling within any paragraph of Schedule 13;

“agricultural” has the same meaning as in section 109 of the Agriculture Act 1947 and references to the farming of land include references to the carrying on in relation to the land of agricultural activities;

“agricultural unit” means land which is occupied as a unit for agricultural purposes, including any dwellinghouse or other building occupied by the same person for the purpose of farming the land;

“annual value” means—

(a)     in the case of a hereditament which is shown in a local non-domestic rating list and none of which consists of domestic property or property exempt from local non-domestic rating, the value shown in that list as the rateab

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