169 “Appropriate authority” for purposes of Chapter II

169  “Appropriate authority” for purposes of Chapter II

(1)     Subject to the following provisions of this section, in this Chapter “the appropriate authority”, in relation to any land, means the government department, local authority [National Park authority] or other body or person[—

(a)]     by whom, in accordance with the circumstances by virtue of which the land falls within any paragraph of Schedule 13, the land is liable to be acquired or is indicated as being proposed to be acquired or, as the case may be, any right over the land is proposed to be acquired[, or

(b)     which is authorised to take temporary possession of the land as mentioned in paragraph 24A of Schedule 13].

(2)     If any question arises—

(a)     whether the appropriate authority in relation to any land for the purposes of this Chapter is the Secretary of State or a local highway authority; or

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