160 Effect of notices served by virtue of s 158
160 Effect of notices served by virtue of s 158

(1)     In relation to a blight notice served by virtue of section 158—

(a)     subsection (2) of section 154 shall have effect as if for the words “or in the case of an agricultural unit the interest of the claimant in so far as it subsists in the affected area” there were substituted the words “or agricultural unit”; and

(b)     subsections (4) and (5) of that section shall not apply to any such blight notice.

(2)     Where the appropriate authority have served a counter-notice objecting to a blight notice on the grounds mentioned in section 159(1), then if either—

(a)     the claimant, without referring that objection to the [Upper Tribunal] and before the time for so referring it has expired, gives notice to the appropriate authority that he withdraws his claim as to the unaffected area; or

(b)     on a ref

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