151 Counter-notices objecting to blight notices

151  Counter-notices objecting to blight notices

(1)     Where a blight notice has been served in respect of a hereditament or an agricultural unit, the appropriate authority may serve on the claimant a counter-notice in the prescribed form objecting to the notice.

(2)     A counter-notice under subsection (1) may be served at any time before the end of the period of two months beginning with the date of service of the blight notice.

(3)     Such a counter-notice shall specify the grounds on which the appropriate authority object to the blight notice (being one or more of the grounds specified in subsection (4) or, as relevant, in section 159(1), 161(5) or 162(5)).

(4)     Subject to the following provisions of this Act, the grounds on which objection may be made in a counter-notice to a notice served under section 150 are—

(a)     that no part of the hereditament or agricultural unit to which the notice relates is comprised in blighted land;

(b)     that the appropriate authority (unless compelled to do so by virtue of this Chapter) do not propose to acquire [or (in the case of land to which paragraph 2

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