146 Effect of counter-notice under s 145

146  Effect of counter-notice under s 145

(1)     If the acquiring authority do not within the period of two months beginning with the date of service of a counter-notice under section 145 agree in writing to accept the counter-notice as valid, the claimant or the authority may, within two months after the end of that period, refer it to the [Upper Tribunal].

(2)     On such a reference the Tribunal shall determine whether the claim in the counter-notice is justified and declare the counter-notice valid or invalid accordingly.

(3)     Where a counter-notice is accepted as valid under subsection (1) or declared to be valid under subsection (2), the acquiring authority shall be deemed—

(a)     to be authorised to acquire compulsorily the interest of the claimant in the land to which the requirement in the counter-notice relates under the same provision of this Chapter as they are authorised to acquire the other land in the agricultural unit in question

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