[69 Register of applications etc]

[69  Register of applications etc]

[(1)     The local planning authority must keep a register containing such information as is prescribed as to—

(a)     applications for planning permission;

[(aza)     applications for permission in principle;]

[(aa)     applications for non-material changes to planning permission under section 96A;]

(b)     . . .

(c)     local development orders;

[(cza)     Mayoral development orders;]

[(ca)     neighbourhood planning matters;]

(d)     simplified planning zone schemes.

(2)     The register must contain—

(a)     information as to the manner in which applications mentioned in subsection (1)(a) [and (aa)] [, (aa) and (aza)] and requests mentioned in subsection (1)(b) have been dealt with;

(b)     such information as is prescribed with respect to any local

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