[61E Neighbourhood development orders]
[61E Neighbourhood development orders]

[Neighbourhood development orders]

[61E  Neighbourhood development orders]

[(1)     Any qualifying body is entitled to initiate a process for the purpose of requiring a local planning authority in England to make a neighbourhood development order.

(2)     A “neighbourhood development order” is an order which grants planning permission in relation to a particular neighbourhood area specified in the order—

(a)     for development specified in the order, or

(b)     for development of any class specified in the order.

(3)     Schedule 4B makes provision about the process for the making of neighbourhood development orders, including—

(a)     provision for independent examination of orders proposed by qualifying bodies, and

(b)     provision for the holding of referendums on orders proposed by those bodies.

(4)     A local planning authority to whom a proposal for the making of a nei

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