15 Search warrants—safeguards
15 Search warrants—safeguards

(1)     This section and section 16 below have effect in relation to the issue to constables under any enactment, including an enactment contained in an Act passed after this Act, of warrants to enter and search premises; and an entry on or search of premises under a warrant is unlawful unless it complies with this section and section 16 below.

(2)     Where a constable applies for any such warrant, it shall be his duty—

(a)     to state—

(i)     the ground on which he makes the application; . . .

(ii)     the enactment under which the warrant would be issued; [and]

[(iii)     if the application is for a warrant authorising entry and search on more than one occasion, the ground on which he applies for such a warrant, and whether he seeks a warrant authorising an unlimited number of entries, or (if not) the maximum number of entries desired;]

[(b)     to specify the matters set out in subsection (2A) below; and]