SCHEDULE 1 Special Procedure
SCHEDULE 1 Special Procedure


If on an application made by a constable a [judge] is satisfied that one or other of the sets of access conditions is fulfilled, he may make an order under paragraph 4 below.


The first set of access conditions is fulfilled if—

(a)     there are reasonable grounds for believing—

(i)     that [an indictable offence] has been committed;

(ii)     that there is material which consists of special procedure material or also includes special procedure material and does not also include excluded material on premises specified in the application[, or on premises occupied or controlled by a person specified in the application (including all such premises on which there are reasonable grounds for believing that there is such material as it is reasonably practicable so to specify)];

(iii)     that the material is likely to be of substantial value (whether by itself or together with other material) to the investigation in connection with which the application is made; and

(iv)     that the material is likely to be relevant evidence;

(b)     other methods of obtaining the material—

(i)     have been tried without success; or

(ii)     have not been tried because it appeared that they were bound to fail; and

(c)     it is in the public interest, having regard—

(i)     to the benefit likely to accrue to the investigation if the material is obtained; and

(ii)     to the circumstances under which the person in possession of the material holds it,

that the material should be produced or that access to it should be given.


The second set of access conditions is

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