67 Codes of practice—supplementary
67 Codes of practice—supplementary

[(1)     In this section, “code” means a code of practice under section 60, 60A or 66.

(2)     The Secretary of State may at any time revise the whole or any part of a code.

(3)     A code may be made, or revised, so as to—

(a)     apply only in relation to one or more specified areas,

(b)     have effect only for a specified period,

(c)     apply only in relation to specified offences or descriptions of offender.

(4)     Before issuing a code, or any revision of a code, the Secretary of State must consult—

[(a)     such persons as appear to the Secretary of State to represent the views of police and crime commissioners,

(aa)     the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime,

(ab)     the Common Council of the City of London,]

[(b)     the National Police Chiefs' Council,]

(c)     the General Council of the Bar,

(d)     the Law Society of England and Wales,

(e)     the Institute of Legal Executives, and

(f)     such other persons as he thinks fit.

[(4A)     The duty to consult under subsection (4) does not apply to a revision of a code where the Secretary of State considers that—

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