[54B Searches of persons answering to live link bail]
[54B Searches of persons answering to live link bail]

[(1)     A constable may search at any time—

(a)     any person who is at a police station to answer to live link bail; and

(b)     any article in the possession of such a person.

(2)     If the constable reasonably believes a thing in the possession of the person ought to be seized on any of the grounds mentioned in subsection (3), the constable may seize and retain it or cause it to be seized and retained.

(3)     The grounds are that the thing—

(a)     may jeopardise the maintenance of order in the police station;

(b)     may put the safety of any person in the police station at risk; or

(c)     may be evidence of, or in relation to, an offence.

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