[47ZH Sections 47ZF and 47ZG: withholding sensitive information]
[47ZH Sections 47ZF and 47ZG: withholding sensitive information]

[(1)     This section applies where a qualifying applicant makes an application to a magistrates' court under section 47ZF or 47ZG in relation to a person.

(2)     The qualifying applicant may apply to the court for it to authorise the specified information to be withheld from the person and any legal representative of the person.

(3)     The court may grant an application under subsection (2) only if satisfied that there are reasonable grounds for believing that the specified information is sensitive information.

(4)     For the purposes of this section information is sensitive information if its disclosure would have one or more of the following results—

(a)     evidence connected with an indictable offence would be interfered with or harmed;

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