[47ZB Applicable bail period: initial limit]
[47ZB Applicable bail period: initial limit]

[(1)     In this Part the “applicable bail period”, in relation to a person, means—

(a)     in an SFO case, the period of 3 months beginning with the person's bail start date, or

(b)     in an FCA case or any other case, the period of 28 days beginning with the person's bail start date.

(2)     The applicable bail period in relation to a person may be extended under sections 47ZD to 47ZG or treated as extended under section 47ZJ(3).

(3)     Subsection (1) and sections 47ZD to 47ZG are subject to sections 47ZL and 47ZM.

(4)     For the purposes of this Part—

(a)     a

52 . . .

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