[37CA Breach of bail following release under] [section 37(7)(c)]
[37CA Breach of bail following release under] [section 37(7)(c)]

[(1)     This section applies where a person released on bail under section 37(7)(b) [section 37(7)(c)] above or subsection (2)(b) below—

(a)     is arrested under section 46A below in respect of that bail, and

(b)     is being detained following that arrest at the police station mentioned in section 46A(2) below.

(2)     The person arrested—

(a)     shall be charged, or

(b)     shall be released without charge[—

(i)     without bail unless the pre-conditions for bail are satisfied, or

(ii)     on bail if those pre-conditions are satisfied].

(3)     The decision as to how a person is to be dealt with under subsection (2) above shall be that

52 . . .

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