34 Limitations on police detention
34 Limitations on police detention

(1)     A person arrested for an offence shall not be kept in police detention except in accordance with the provisions of this Part of this Act.

(2)     Subject to subsection (3) below, if at any time a custody officer—

(a)     becomes aware, in relation to any person in police detention, that the grounds for the detention of that person have ceased to apply; and

(b)     is not aware of any other grounds on which the continued detention of that person could be justified under the provisions of this Part of this Act,

it shall be the duty of the custody officer, subject to subsection (4) below, to order his immediate release from custody.

(3)     No person in police detention shall be released except on the authority of a custody officer at the police station where his detention was authorised or, if it was authorised at more than one station, a custody officer at the station where it was last authorised.

(4)     A person who appears to the custody officer to have been unlawfully at larg

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