7 Part I—supplementary

(1)     The following enactments shall cease to have effect—

(a)     section 8 of the Vagrancy Act 1824;

(b)     section 66 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839;

(c)     section 11 of the Canals (Offences) Act 1840;

(d)     section 19 of the Pedlars Act 1871;

(e)     section 33 of the County of Merseyside Act 1980; and

(f)     section 42 of the West Midlands County Council Act 1980.

(2)     There shall also cease to have effect—

(a)     so much of any enactment contained in an Act passed before 1974, other than—

(i)     an enactment contained in a public general Act; or

(ii)     an enactment relating to statutory undertakers,


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