4 Road checks

4  Road checks

(1)     This section shall have effect in relation to the conduct of road checks by police officers for the purpose of ascertaining whether a vehicle is carrying—

(a)     a person who has committed an offence other than a road traffic offence or a [vehicle] excise offence;

(b)     a person who is a witness to such an offence;

(c)     a person intending to commit such an offence; or

(d)     a person who is unlawfully at large.

(2)     For the purposes of this section a road check consists of the exercise in a locality of the power conferred by [section 163 of the Road Traffic Act 1988] in such a way as to stop during the period for which its exercise in that way in that locality continues all vehicles or vehicles selected by any criterion.

(3)     Subject to subsection (5) below, there may only be such a road check if a police officer of the rank of superintendent or above authorises it in writing.

(4)     An officer may only authorise a road check under subsection (3) above—

(a)     for the purpose specified in subsection (1)(a) above, if he has reasonable grounds—

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