SCHEDULE 12 Enactments Repealed
SCHEDULE 12 Enactments Repealed

ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1970 c 8The Insolvency Services (Accounting and Investment) Act 1970The whole Act.
1976 c 60The Insolvency Act 1976Section 3.
1985 c 6The Companies Act 1985In section 463(4), the words “Subject to section 617”.
Sections 467 to 485.
In section 486, in the definition of “company” the words “other than in Chapter II of this Part”; and the definitions of “instrument of appointment”, “prescribed”, “receiver” and “register of charges”.
Sections 488 to 650.
Sections 659 to 664.
Sections 665 to 674.
Section 709(4).
Section 710(4).
Section 724.
Schedule 16.
In Schedule 24, the entries relating to section

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