[436B References to things in writing]

[436B  References to things in writing]

[(1)     A reference in this Act to a thing in writing includes that thing in electronic form.

(2)     Subsection (1) does not apply to the following provisions—

(a)     section 53 (mode of appointment by holder of charge),

(b)     section 67(2) (report by receiver),

(c)     section 70(4) (reference to instrument creating a charge),

(d)     section 111(2) (dissent from arrangement under s 110),

(e)     in the case of a winding up of a company registered in Scotland, section 111(4),

(f)     section 123(1) (definition of inability to pay debts),

(g)     section 198(3) (duties of sheriff principal as regards examination),

(h)     section 222(1) (inability to

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