440 Extent (Scotland)
440 Extent (Scotland)

(1)     Subject to the next subsection, provisions of this Act contained in the first Group of Parts extend to Scotland except where otherwise stated.

(2)     The following provisions of this Act do not extend to Scotland—

(a)     in the first Group of Parts—

section 43;

sections 238 to 241; and

section 246;

(b)     the second Group of Parts;

(c)     in the third Group of Parts—

sections 399 to 402,

sections 412, 413, 415, [415A(3),] 418, 420 and 421,

sections 423 to 425, and

section 429(1) and (2) [section 429(1) to (2A)]; and

(d)     in the Schedules—

Parts II and III of Schedule 11; and

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