384 "Prescribed" and "the rules"

384  "Prescribed" and "the rules"

(1)     Subject to the next subsection [and sections 342C(7) and 342F(9) in Chapter V of Part IX], “prescribed” means prescribed by the rules; and “the rules” means rules made under section 412 in Part XV.

(2)     References in this Group of Parts to the amount prescribed for the purposes of any of the following provisions—

[section 251S(4);]

section 273;

[section 313A;]

section 346(3);

section 354(1) and (2);

section 358;

section 360(1);

section 361(2); . . .

section 364(2)(d),

[paragraphs 6 to 8 of Schedule 4ZA,]

and references in those provisions to the prescribed amount are to be read in accordance with section 418 in Part XV and

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