[379C Creditors' ability to opt out of receiving certain notices]
[379C Creditors' ability to opt out of receiving certain notices]

[(1)     Any provision of the rules which requires an office-holder to give a notice to creditors of an individual does not apply, in circumstances prescribed by the rules, in relation to opted-out creditors.

(2)     Subsection (1)—

(a)     does not apply in relation to a notice of a distribution or proposed distribution to creditors;

(b)     is subject to any order of the court requiring a notice to be given to all creditors (or all creditors of a particular category).

(3)     Except as provided by the rules, a creditor may participate and vote in a creditors' decision procedure or a deemed consent procedure even though, by virtue of being an opted-out creditor, the creditor does not receive notice of it.

(4)     In this section—

“give” includes deliver, furnish or send;

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