372 Supplies of gas, water, electricity, etc

Part X Individual Insolvency: General Provisions

372  Supplies of gas, water, electricity, etc

(1)     This section applies where on any day (“the relevant day”)—

(a)     a bankruptcy order is made against an individual or an interim receiver of an individual's property is appointed, or

(b)     a voluntary arrangement proposed by an individual is approved under Part VIII, . . .

(c)     . . .

and in this section “the office-holder” means the official receiver, the trustee in bankruptcy, the interim receiver [or the supervisor of the voluntary arrangement], as the case may be.

(2)     If a request falling within the next subsection is made for the giving after the relevant day of any of the supplies mentioned in subsection (4), the supplier—

(a)     may make it a condition of the giving of

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