Part VIII Individual Voluntary Arrangements (ss 252-[263G)
Part VIII Individual Voluntary Arrangements (ss 252-[263G)

252 Interim order of court

(1)     In the circumstances specified below, the court may in the case of a debtor (being an individual) make an interim order under this section.

(2)     An interim order has the effect that, during the period for which it is in force—

(a)     no bankruptcy petition relating to the debtor may be presented or proceeded with,

[(aa)     no landlord or other person to whom rent is payable may exercise any right of forfeiture by peaceable re-entry in relation to premises let to the debtor in respect of a failure by the debtor to comply with any term or condition of his tenancy of such premises, except with the leave of the court] and

(b)     no other proceedings, and no execution or other legal process, may be commenced or continued [and no distress may be levied] against the debtor or his property except with the leave of the court.

253 Application for interim order

(1)     Application to the court for an interim order may be made where the debtor intends to make a proposal [under this Part, that is, a proposal] to his creditors for a composition in satisfaction of his debts or a scheme of arrangement of his affairs (from here on referred to, in either case, as a “voluntary arrangement”).

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