[246ZD Power to assign]
[246ZD Power to assign]

[(1)     This section applies in the case of a company where—

(a)     the company enters administration, or

(b)     the company goes into liquidation;

and “the office-holder” means the administrator or the liquidator, as the case may be.

(2)     The office-holder may assign a right of action (including the proceeds of an action) arising under any of the following—

(a)     section 213 or 246ZA (fraudulent trading);

(b)     section 214 or 246ZB (wrongful trading);

(c)     section 238 (transactions at an undervalue (England and Wales));

(d)     section 239 (preferences (England and Wales));

(e)     section 242 (gratuitous alienations (Scotland));

(f)     section 243 (unfair preferences (Scotland));

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