[246A Remote attendance at meetings]
[246A Remote attendance at meetings]

[(1)     Subject to subsection (2), this section [applies to any meeting of the members of a company summoned by the office-holder under this Act or the rules, other than a meeting of the members of the company in a members' voluntary winding up].

(2)     This section does not apply where—

(a)     a company is being wound up in Scotland, or

(b)     a receiver is appointed under section 51 in Chapter 2 of Part 3.

(3)     Where the person summoning a meeting (“the convener”) considers it appropriate, the meeting may be conducted and held in such a way that persons who are not present together at the same place may attend it.

(4)     Where a meeting is conducted and held in the manner referred to in subsection (3), a person attends the meeting if that person is able to exercise any rights which that person may have to speak and vote at the meeting.

(5)     For the purposes of this section—

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